Shirley Shor, Goddess, 2011

A preview of Shirley Shor’s new media artwork “Goddess” (2011), taken at Feinberg Projects gallery during the exhibition “Eye Level”.

Shirley Shor, who has been active as a new media artist in the US for over a decade, presents us with the piece “Goddess”, where she breaks-down the ideal beauty model and deals with the question of identity. Here we see photographed faces of “louis vuitton” models from a variety of nationalities and origins worldwide. In every moment one portrait overlaps with another portrait, so that a hybrid portrait is created in real time. The software developed by Shor facilitates the production of a “fusion” of portraits in real-time. In each second it occurs in a different way, so that a singular point in time that will never repeat itself in the same manner is created. Consequently, the piece “produces” questions pertaining to identity, reflecting its ever shifting nature: Identity is not fixed, mutating at every given moment. And as such, Shor’s piece demonstrates her disposition since the ideal model of beauty does not allow us to express the true nature of identity which is in a constant state of flux.

- Yham Hameiri, June 2012