Sasha Flit

Sasha Flit, Untitled, 2011

Artist Statement

The borderline between alienation and intimacy has always intrigued me. Those two polar states are deeply intertwined. People tend to give away their secrets to total strangers, while those who are closest – stay undecipherable and elude definition. The act of photography for me is an act of learning and grasping the illusion of ” knowing” the Other. Strangers become representatives of my private longing and fantasies, but at the same time, their personalities, expressions and body language break through the reductive definition of a “character” and demand recognition of their own singularity.

My encounter with the photographed subjects is a result of careful planning; I have a general idea of the location and characters I am looking for. With that in mind, I let reality “carry” me, and be revealed before me anew in the form of unexpected situations and people. The moment of the photo shoot connects me to an anonymous strange person standing in front of me, until we are one being, intertwined by Gaze. But photography enables not only creation but also the treasuring of a moment. Many things are revealed only after processing the materials. At this stage, new layers of reality, which had eluded me before, are revealed. Looking at the finished artwork brings a new kind of intimacy, a new revelation of the people I have captured. These are not the characters I picked and posed for the shooting any more – these are independent subjects, uncontrollable and undecipherable.

The alienation, the longing for intimacy and the surrender to knowing that total knowledge of the Other is impossible, are all features of the postmodern situation. What does it mean to be a stranger in a society in which everyone is a stranger to one another? For me, gaze is my way out of this whirlpool of alienation and prejudice.