Itamar Freed, Dead Sea, 2012, 75×110 cm


Itamar Freed’s intensive photographs deal with the tension between enticement and rejection, between outer covering and essence, and between life and death.  He reveals the dark forces concealed and bubbling up below the surface of reality, that threaten to explode its apparent tranquility.

In his hyper-realistic portrait photographs, he attempts to crack open the essence of the portrait, to peel off the layers and to create transparency, by placing emphasis on skin blemishes, scars and capillaries, which constitute for him an invitation to invasion and intimacy beyond those layers.  He observes closer and closer until the portrait is no longer identifiable as such, until it fractures into abstract pieces.

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Itamar Freed

Born in Manhattan, New York, 1987.

Lives and works in Modi’in, Israel.



2012     B.F.A , Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Department of Photography, Jerusalem


Solo Exhibitions


No Time, Ramat-Gan Museum for Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, Israel (Curator: Ayelet HaShachar Cohen)

Birds of Paradise, Gitler &___, New York, NY


Birds of Paradise, Feinberg Projects, Tel Aviv (Curator: Yham Hameiri)


Selected Group Exhibitions


Nord Art – International Art Exhibition, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany


The International Photography Festival, Rishon Lezion, Israel


Bread & Roses, Castiel Gallery, Tel Aviv

Surface currents (Participating artists: Uri Gershoni, Itamar Freed, Anna Yam, Roy Cooper, Liat Elbling), Feinberg Projects, Tel Aviv (Curator: Yham Hameiri)

Memory, “indie” Gallery, Tel Aviv

Promising Artist in 2013 (Calcalist) , Tel Aviv

Inventory, Spaceship Gallery, Tel Aviv


OBJECTS (Participating artists: Itamar Freed, Uri Gershoni, Adi Nes, Daniel Tsal), Spaceship Gallery, Tel Aviv. (Curator: Daniel Tsal)

UNDER, Bezalel Gallery, Jerusalem


Under the surface (Duo Exhibition), Out Of Frame Gallery, Modiin


Prizes and Awards


“EPSON” first prize Award winner for excellence in the art of photography, Israel


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